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XW2021 Town Hall: XNAT Federation

Time: Day 2, 10:30 – 11:00 am CDT

Host: Tim Olsen, Radiologics

Panelists: Kate Alpert (Radiologics / Flywheel), Ryan Sullivan (University of Sydney), Matt South (Dementia Platform UK), Simon Doran (Institute for Cancer Research, London), Dan Marcus and Will Horton (XNAT team)

Other Participants: Marc Modat (Kings College London)

Questions and Answers

We see a trend in using synthesis data for research purposes (FDA is also trying to use that strategy for ML model evaluation). With these being said, is there still a reason for XNAT federation?(Answered live in session)
Are you considering the integration of data privacy layers on the top or is the assumption that all data will be already anonymised?(Answered live in session)
Have you looked at SAML as a federated authentication service?(Answered live in session)
I would look at as they have also solved many of the issues being brought up. It's more basic only returning the # of patients found for a cohort
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