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Workshop Feedback and Links

This page is a collection of various forms we will use for collecting feedback and real-time information from workshop attendees.

Form Link:

Form link:

Sample Ultrasound Data for the Desktop Client:

XNAT images on Docker Hub:

Rad Read Datatype Plugin:

Plugin Deployment Documentation:

Working with Themes: Working with UI Themes

Example "Wide" Theme: Wide-FW Theme

DQR Plugin Configuration instructions for connecting to the Workshop PACS

  • Log in as a site admin 
  • Go to Administer > Plugin Settings > DQR Settings
  • In the "Manage DICOM AE Connections", click "Add New DICOM AE"
  • In the dialog, enter the following: 
AE TitleHostLabelPortQueryableDefault Q/R AEStorableDefault Storage AE


Form Link:

Announced by Christian Haselgrove. Call for abstracts: 

Form Link:

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