Save The Date! The XNAT Workshop in London will be held September 5-9, 2022

The XNAT Team, in partnership with the Health and Bioscience IDEAS training program at University College London, with support from the Institute for Cancer Research UK, NCITA, SyneRBI, Health+Bioscience IDEAS, and Flywheel, are excited to announce a return to in-person workshops! The next XNAT workshop will be hosted in London from September 5 to 9, 2022!


The goal of this workshop is to maximize the benefits of being able to meet in person. This means hands-on time with expert XNAT developers for newcomers and experienced stakeholders alike, coupled with the ability to discuss key topics relevant to XNAT's past, present, and future. This draft agenda presents a high-level view of planned workshop activities. We will be fleshing this out in the weeks to come. 

Monday, September 5: Bootcamp

  • Reintroducing XNAT – Its purpose and its mission
  • XNAT Bootcamp – Getting started with XNAT, and a hands-on guide to its key concepts for new users
  • XNAT Tools – An introduction to the ecosystem of XNAT utilities, including the XNAT-OHIF Viewer and the XNAT Desktop Client
  • XNAT Admin 101 – Learn what it takes to run your own XNAT instance
  • Welcome Reception! – A casual evening of cocktails and small plates to celebrate the return of in-person XNAT workshops

Tuesday, September 6: Advanced Bootcamp

  • Using the Container Service – Containerized processing on multiple platforms
  • Using the XNAT-OHIF Viewer – New measurement and annotation features
  • Incorporating AI – Working with MONAI and AI-assisted annotations
  • Working with the XNAT API – Fully authenticated scripted interactions with XNAT and its data

Wednesday, September 7: Developer Symposium

  • XNAT Project Presentations – An open forum/poster session to promote the breadth of current XNAT installations around the world
  • XNAT 2 Presentation – Presenting the vision and high level goals of the next generation of XNAT
  • XNAT 2 Symposium – Opening the floor to discuss your goals and preferred technologies
  • Group Dinner! – Let's gather and enjoy an evening of good food and great company

Thursday, September 8: XNAT Hackathon, Day 1

  • Hands-on group project development with attendees working hand-in-hand with XNAT developers.
  • Projects will be nominated and selected prior to the workshop. All suggestions are welcome.

Friday, September 9: XNAT Hackathon, Day 2

  • Final development and presentation of group hackathon projects
  • Workshop wrapup and farewell


Workshop registration and fees are being finalized and will be announced soon.