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XNAT Workshop 2022 Home

November 9 Update: Thanks to all who attended! We are grateful for everyone's participation in making this year's workshop a smashing success! We will be busily working to capture recordings of talks and display them on this page. In the meantime, links to presentations are posted below in the agenda. Workshop Feedback and Links

XNAT Workshop in London: October 31 – November 4, 2022

The XNAT Team, in partnership with the Health and Bioscience IDEAS training program at University College London, with support from the Institute for Cancer Research UK, NCITA, SyneRBI, and Flywheel, are excited to announce a return to in-person workshops!


The goal of this workshop is to maximize the benefits of being able to meet in person. This means hands-on time with expert XNAT developers for newcomers and experienced stakeholders alike, coupled with the ability to discuss key topics relevant to XNAT's past, present, and future.

Day 1: Welcome Day (Oct 31)

TopicPresenterArchived Materials Time
Registration / Coffee

Welcome to London!
Dave Cash, UCL
Simon Doran, ICR UK


Reintroducing XNAT – Our purpose, our mission, and a recommitment to open source as part of the Flywheel team

Dan Marcus, Flywheel Download Slides (PDF)10:00

Coffee Break


What is XNAT? (Core Capabilities Demo)

Will Horton, FlywheelDownload Slides (PDF)11:15

What's New in XNAT?

Tim Olsen, Flywheel
Kate Alpert, Flywheel
Download Slides (PDF)11:30


XNAT Roadmap Presentation – Presenting the vision and high level goals of the next generation of XNAT. Includes open discussion. 

Kate Alpert
Tim Olsen
Download Slides (PDF)1:30


XNAT Project Presentations – A forum to promote the breadth of current XNAT installations around the world, including presentations by conference attendees.

  • Marcel Koek, Erasmus MC
  • Marc Modat, Kings College London
  • Tom Close, Australian Imaging Service
  • Christoph Kolbitsch, PTB Germany
  • Jordi Huguet, Barcelona
  • Eve Locastro, Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Zailyn Tamayo, Yale / QuNex
  • Andy Lassiter, Washington University School of Medicine
Multiple presenters

End of the Day 1 Program


After the Day 1 program, join us at 7:00 at The Marquis Cornwallis for an informal gathering, featuring small plates, potent potables, and stimulating conversation!

Day 2: Hands-on Learning

TopicPresenterArchived MaterialsTime
Coffee / Breakfast / Overview of the day
Dave Cash
9:00 AM

XNAT Bootcamp

  • Getting Started with XNAT – a set of talks and practical exercises for first time users. This will include logging into the provided AWS-hosted Workshop XNAT instances. 
Will HortonDownload Slides (PDF)9:30

Blinded Study Demonstration - making use of custom user groups to restrict access to certain types of data

Tim Olsen

Brief Break


XNAT Tools - An introduction to the ecosystem of XNAT utilities:

  • Using the XNAT Desktop Client – Upload a set of image sessions with pixel anonymization
  • XNAT-OHIF Viewer Basics – Viewing scans and making basic measurements and annotations
  • Container Service Basics – Installing images and running containers on scan data
  • Event Service Basics – Scripting automated responses to data events in XNAT

Will Horton
Simon Doran, Mo Alsad
John Flavin
Matt Kelsey



12:30 PM

XNAT Admin 101 – Basics and Best Practices for XNAT Administration

  • Site Configuration
  • User Administration
  • Backend Plugin Management
  • DevOps Best Practices
James Dickson, FlywheelDownload Slides (PDF)1:30

XNAT - DICOM Import Demonstration

  • Set up an Orthanc PACS and show SCP Receiver Configuration
  • Import data from a PACS to your XNAT via SCP
  • Demonstrate anonymization scripting
  • Import data from a PACS to your XNAT via the DICOM Query / Retrieve plugin
Rick Herrick, Flywheel


Panel Discussion: "XNAT DevOps 403"

An overview of the various ways XNAT has been deployed at scale in the field, featuring 

  • Local bare metal / virtualized
  • AWS / Private cloud
  • Kubernetes, Containerized

Moderator: Tim Olsen


  • Adrian Versteeg, Erasmus MC
  • Tom Close, University of Sydney
  • James Darcy, ICR UK
  • Haroon Chugtai, UCL


End of the Day 2 Program


At the end of Day 2, join us for a group dinner at Riding House Bloomsbury, sponsored by Flywheel. – Let's gather and enjoy an evening of good food and great company. Hosted by Dan Marcus and Gunnar Schaefer, co-founder and CTO of Flywheel.

Day 3: Supporting Emerging Use Cases

Coffee / Breakfast / Overview of the day
Dave Cash9:00
Emerging Feature Demo: for dynamic data development
Will Horton9:30

Emerging Feature Demo: OHIF viewer

  • Incorporating OHIF with AI / MONAI
  • Measurement service
  • Image overlay
Simon Doran
Mo Alsad
Brief Break

Emerging Feature Demo: Using the Container Service at scale
John Flavin, Flywheel11:30

Emerging Feature Demo: Using Jupyter Notebooks with XNATpy
Andy Lassiter, Washington University in St Louis
Hakim Achterberg, Erasmus MC
Afternoon Coffee


Panel Discussion: Federated data workflows

Moderator: Kate Alpert


  • Dan Marcus, Flywheel
  • Tom Close, University of Sydney
  • Chris Rookyard, NCITA
  • Marcel Koek, Erasmus Medical Center
Quick Break
Topic talk: XNAT and FAIR principles – How to be FAIR?Tim Olsen
Hakim Achterberg
End of Day 3 Program


Day 4: Hackathon Day 1

We will have four breakout areas available for teams to assemble in, and we are tentatively organizing them as follows. Feel free to dedicate yourself to a single project, or hop between efforts as you see fit.  

Space 1: 

  • Mini XNAT academy: Hands-on learning for new users
  • Container development: Guided creation of containers and Command JSON structures

Space 2: 

  • JupyterHub sandbox: Guided tours and an open data playground using Jupyter and XNATpy
  • XNATPy roadmap: Huddle with Hakim and the open source XNATpy team to scope and contribute to future development

Space 3: 

  • Datatype and other plugin development 

Space 4: 

  • Management dashboard: Active ideation and development of XNAT monitoring and management tools
  • XNAT federation: Continued conversation and design thinking on how to enable federated networks of imaging research data. 

Coffee / Breakfast / Overview of the day
Dave Cash9:00
Hackathon Project SelectionRick Herrick9:30


Snacks and coffee will be available




Snacks and coffee will be available


End of Day 4 Program


Day 5: Hackathon Wrap-up & Final Presentations

Coffee / Breakfast / Overview of the day
Dave Cash, UCL9:00


Snacks and coffee will be available



Final Hackathon presentations


Workshop wrap-up and acknowledgements

Will Horton, Flywheel3:30

End of Workshop


Archived Content

Workshop Registration - CLOSED

Workshop registration fees are based on your registration date: 

  • Early bird registration (Extended until September 16!): £250.00
  • Full registration (Extended until October 14!): £300.00

Registration for the workshop is handled through the UCL conference registration form. 

Please contact us with any questions regarding group registrations or our cancellation and refund policy.

We Want To Know More About You

After you have successfully registered for the workshop, please be on the lookout for an additional email from the workshop organizers, which will contain important information about the conference and how you can sign up for projects and get involved with the agenda. Included in this email will be a link to a simple Attendee Profile Form. We invite you to share a little information with us about your past experience with XNAT and what you hope to get from this conference.

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