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Desktop Client v3.2.5 Release

The 3.2.5 release of the XNAT Desktop Client is a maintenance release to ensure compatibility with XNAT 1.8.10, by adding support for the DicomEdit 6.6 library as well as supporting dependency upgrades. 

DicomEdit 6.6 adds support for instance file rejection, which means that an anonymization script defined at the site or the project level that rejects incoming scans will be applied within the Desktop Client before they are sent. For instance, if Scan 5 was rejected by the anon script, a successful upload in the Desktop Client may look like this:

Please note that the latest version of the XNAT Desktop Client retains compatibility with older versions of XNAT.

See: XNAT 1.8.10 Release Notes

See: DicomEdit 6.6 Release Notes

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