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DQR Admin: Plugin Installation Instructions

XNAT Compatibility Note

Each release of the Dicom Query-Retrieve plugin is dependent on the version of core XNAT that you are running. See the DQR Plugin Compatibility Matrix

Installing the DQR plugin follows the same process as installing any other XNAT plugin, with one exception. The DQR plugin jar includes several dependent libraries, and is packaged as an "xnatPluginJar". There are two ways of getting the appropriate jar file: 

  1. Download the latest release from Bitbucket:
  2. Build your own jar file from a local clone of the DQR plugin repo:

If you choose to build your own jar file, run the following command from inside the plugin repo's root directory: 

$ ./gradlew clean xnatPluginJar

Once you have the plugin jar file, you can follow the standard process for Deploying Plugins in XNAT.

When your plugin is successfully installed, you should see a set of new Admin UI controls in XNAT under Administer > Plugin Settings > DICOM Query Retrieve

Next Steps: 

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