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Using DicomBrowser in the Command Line

Command Line Interface

The UNIX tar archive (.tgz) distribution of DicomBrowser includes command-line tools for scriptable DICOM workflow. To use the command-line tools, download the .tgz, extract the archive file, and add the DicomBrowser-1.5.2/bin/ directory to your shell command path.

The bin/ directory contains three scripts: DicomBrowser starts the GUI application; DicomRemap applies an anonymization script to a set of DICOM files and either saves the modified files to disk or sends them to a C-STORE SCP; DicomSummarize builds a CSV-formatted summary of DICOM files (and is somewhat complicated; look here for details).

To see minimal documentation for each script, run it with the -h option.


Applying an anonymization script anon.das to the contents of a directory source, and saving the results to a new directory /path/to/dest:

DicomRemap -d anon.das -o /path/to/dest/ source/


Applying the same anonymization script, then sending the results to a DICOM C-STORE SCP on host, port 104, AE Title “RECEIVER”, using client (SCU) AE title “my_ae”:

DicomRemap -d anon.das -o dicom:// source/

Questions? Send them to the DicomBrowser user group.

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