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Register a new Image Hub

Docker Hub

XNAT will, by default, attempt to pull images from the public Docker Hub with no authentication. If you need to pull private images, or you need to pull from a non-default Hub, you can configure those details by adding a new Hub to the list your XNAT knows. 

Adding a new Image Hub

The Container Service can support multiple image hubs. To add a new one, go to Plugin Settings > Container Service and click on the Compute Backend tab. Then look for the Image Hosts panel. 

Click on New Image Host to configure a new hub to pull from. You will get a dialog with the following settings: 

Image Host Name

A custom label that identifies this image hub within your XNAT, i.e. "My Local Hub"


Enter the full URL path to a queryable image hub, including the http/s protocol  


Optional: If your image hub requires authentication, enter your username here

Access Token / Password

Optional: If your image hub requires authentication, enter your password or access token here.

We strongly encourage using access tokens or a single-use app password rather than storing sensitive user credentials here

Make Default

If set, this new hub will be the default option when pulling new images

Selecting an Image Hub when Pulling Images

If you have more than one image hub configured when installing new container images in your XNAT, you will be asked to choose which image hub to pull from. The default hub will always be listed first. 

See: Adding a Command

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