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Admin UI - Pipeline Processing Settings

You may wish to use a URL different than the site URL when running pipelines. This can be configured from the Pipeline Settings tab within the Admin UI. Go to Administer > Site Administration and select the Pipeline Settings tab.

Pipeline Settings

SettingProperty NameDescription
Processing UrlprocessingUrlWhatever you enter here will be passed into pipelines as the -host command line argument. If you do not enter a processing URL, the site URL will be used for processing pipelines. Any changes to this setting take effect immediately and all future pipelines will be launched with the updated command line argument.

Site-wide config properties can be accessed via REST at /xapi/siteConfig/values/{property-name}.

Site-wide config properties can be access programmatically in Velocity via $siteConfig.{property-name}.

AutoRun Settings

See Configuring the Use of the AutoRun Pipeline

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