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XNAT 1.8.6 Release Notes

XNAT 1.8.6 includes a Jackson dependency upgrade, which required corresponding code updates to several open source plugins: Container Service and the ML plugin suite. You will need to update these alongside 1.8.6. Any custom plugins using Jackson should also be updated before installing 1.8.6. Running non-compatible plugins with XNAT 1.8.6 can cause XNAT to fail to start up, and the failure may not be obviously apparent in logs. 

See: Troubleshooting the XNAT 1.8.6 upgrade and plugin compatibility

Critical Bugfixes

Each of these critical bugfixes is included in the optional XNAT Release , which is available for production sites that need to resolve issues with plugins specified above. 

  • XNAT-7184Fixed steep memory pressure that can arise from addressing orphaned (formerly shared) scans. 
  • XNAT-7186Fixed an error affecting import of compressed image sessions for XNAT systems that have not set up any DICOM SCP Receivers. 
  • XNAT-7187:  Fixed error in auto-archiving behavior for XNAT systems that do  not  have the Container Service plugin installed. (The error does not manifest in XNAT systems that are running Container Service)

Framework Library Upgrades

  • XNAT-7103: Updated the Jackson library from 2.6.5 to 2.13.3 to incorporate security fixes and add additional functionality to support emerging development
  • XNAT-7166: Updated the the Javassist library from 3.23.1 to 3.24.0 to address a known bug affecting logging 

Image Session Import Fixes

  • XNAT-7024: Fix a rare but high priority bug where having 10 or more defined DICOM SCP Receiver ports could block all uploads 
  • XNAT-7158: Add support to the Event Service for the "Session Merge" event
  • XNAT-7165Fixed a long-standing but minor bug involving workflow tracking of image session merging behavior when duplicate sessions are uploaded via the compressed uploader 

UI Improvements and Enhancements

  • XNAT-7154: Allow configuration of username display in topbar
  • XNAT-7161: For XNATs with non-LDAP login methods, ensure the proper method is being displayed when associating internal and external user accounts
  • XNAT-7168: Address DICOM SCP receiver options that were displaying incorrectly in the admin UI
  • XNAT-7174: Address a UI regression introduced in XNAT 1.8.1 that affects projects that have enabled custom non-DICOM uploaders
  • XNAT-7181: Add full date/time to experiment list on subject page to differentiate multiple experiments associated with the same experiment date (if using OHIF plugin, you will not see this change until updating to the upcoming 3.4 release)
  • XNAT-7182: Allow site admins to add additional experiment datatypes to the front page Quick Search tabs

Other Backend Improvements and Bugfixes

  • XNAT-7014 & XNAT-7015: Ensure proper handling of updates to scan metadata via REST
  • XNAT-7170: Fixed a regression introduced in XNAT 1.8.5 that prevents unsharing of data via REST for certain source projects depending on their project ID 
  • XNAT-7171: Fixed a database bug affecting snapshot viewing for certain image sessions with very long URI paths
  • Also addressed security issues affecting XML and data syncing

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