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Configure the Container Service Plugin

Configure Docker Image Hosts 

Set up Docker Hub as the location to use to download required docker images.

  1. Click on "Administer → Plugin Settings"
  2. Click on "Container Server Setup"
  3. Under Image Hosts, verify that there exists an entry with these parameters:
NameDocker Hub

Save this configuration. Note that when you pull images, be sure to pull from the image host that you've labeled "Docker Hub" as in the settings above.

Configure Container Service Host (For Docker-Compose Distributions)

There are some nuances to this section.  Please read Path Translation for a more complete explanation of the topic of path translation in the Container Service.

XNAT is running in a container installed with XNAT_HOME path = "/data/xnat".  But this in not the path to the data on the host machine running the Docker Server. We must tell the Container Service how to resolve this difference. The bullet items below assume a configuration where XNAT and all related services are running within a single Docker Compose environment.

  1. Click on "Administer → Plugin Settings"
  2. Click on "Container Server Setup"
  3. Click on "Edit" for the "Local socket" Host
  4. Set the value for the XNAT Path Prefix.
    1. The default value is /data/xnat. If you are using the Docker Compose environment, enter this value.
    2. If your XNAT is installed using a different path, enter the appropriate value.
  5. Set the value for Docker Server Path Prefix
    1. Read the details in Path Translation to understand how to set this value.
    2. In brief, this is the path to the files in XNAT_HOME is known by the machine that is running the Docker jobs.
    3. In the Docker Compose version of XNAT, this absolute path will end in xnat-data and will not be /data/xnat.
  6. Click "Save"
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