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Install Docker Images and Commands

Ensure that you have configured your Container Service plugin for your operating environment before performing these steps.

These steps will pull the required docker images from the Image Hosts that you've configured. These docker images are "XNAT aware". XNAT is able to extract the command(s) it needs to run them from the container. Repeat the steps below for these images. 

Image NameVersion

  1. Navigate to "Administer → Plugin Settings"
  2. Click on "Images and Commands"
  3. Click on "Add New Image"
  4. Enter Image Name, and Version Tag using values from the table above.
    1. Image host (Select Image Host) refers to the value you configured earlier. If you have added other hosts, please select the proper entry.
  5. Click "Pull Image"

Installed Container Images and Commands will look like the following.

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