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XNAT 2010 Workshop - Feedback

Feedback notes from July 7th Workshop review

Common requests:

  • More "Hands On" time
  • Separate track for Beginners
  • Clearer structure for Breakout sessions
  • Easier to read code

Overall, the feedback about the workshop was very positive. It seemed everyone thought that it was well worth their time.

The XNAT team would have preferred to have more individual time with the attendees. We felt like we were focusing a lot on our presentations rather then one-to-one communication.

Plans for future Workshops:

  • We don't expect to repeat this workshop for at least 2 years.
  • Next year we may want a more hands on session, like a Programmer's week.
  • Have a separate session for beginners vs advanced.
  • Don't look intimidating.
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