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XNAT 2010 Workshop - Tuning, Optimization, Monitoring


As an XNAT installation gets more users and studies, a proper systems architecture and appropriate tuning can get the most out of your hardware. In this talk, we will discuss lessons we have learned running Washington University's flagship version of XNAT, the CNDA, which currently holds more than 10,000 imaging sessions. While the session will use the CNDA as a case study of handling growth, we will seek to get input from session attendees on their system architectures and experience handling traffic.

Our CNDA case study will cover strategies for load balanced and failover architectures, PostgreSQL and Tomcat tuning, and Java profiling. We will also discuss and showcase open-source and third party tools which assist in monitoring and uptime. The session will also cover preliminary results from load testing XNAT.


Date: 06/29/10
Time: 11:00 AM
Presenter(s): John Paulett
Location: Connor Auditorium


  • CNDA
    • Current Architecture
    • Future Architecture
  • Tuning
    • PostgreSQL
    • Tomcat
    • Profiling Tools
    • Load Testing Tools & Stats
  • Monitoring
    • Munin for resource usage
    • Monit for alerting and restarting
    • Pingdom for external availability

Relevant Documentation:

  • Example XNAT Architecture
  • Monitoring XNAT
  • PostgreSQL Tuning
  • Tomcat Tuning
  • Profiling with Yourkit
  • Load Testing with JMeter
  • Debugging with Eclipse & JPDA


XNAT Tuning.pdf

XNAT Tuning & Monitoring.pdf

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