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XNAT 2010 Workshop - XNAT Desktop


Any client application that needs to browse through XNAT data or exchange files with it has to adapt its data representation to the one used by XNAT. Fitting together different data models represents a certain challenge. In this section we review our experience in adapting real world data to XNAT structure, by reviewing a specialized Java application that a) create an internal representation of XNAT database model and b) use that representation to automatically build REST queries.


Date: 06/30/10
Time: 11:15
Presenter(s): Misha Milchenko
Location: Connor Auditorium


1. XNAT Desktop: a cross-platform graphical file tagging application
2. Uploading multiple tagged files to XNAT
3. Tag population Interfaces and tools in XND
4. Experimental/in development features
6. Under the hood: use of REST API for communications with XNAT
Use of REST API by XND in communications with for

Relevant Documentation:

Manual: XNAT Desktop Documentation
Distribution packages:
Regular expression specification
Regular expression test applet


file: Desktop_talk_slides.pdf

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