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University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Psychiatry

About our group:

The Child and Adolescent NeuroDevelopment Initiative (CANDI; at the University of Massachusetts Medical School is dedicated to imaging and treatment studies of developmental disorders.  The lab also provides informatics infrastructure and services for the Department of Psychiatry.

About our XNAT project(s):

Our XNAT (called CANDI Store) is an archive service for the Psychiatry Department.  CANDI Store receives MR data from the school's scanners and interfaces with the school's computing cluster to provide quality assurance and limited standard processing (e.g. FreeSurfer reconstructions) for all data.  Authentication is done via the school's LDAP server.

Our goals for the XNAT Workshop:

To better use existing XNAT features, to plan for new and upcoming features, and to share innovations with other groups.

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