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What Is the XNAT OHIF Viewer?

This plugin takes the Javascript-based image viewer produced by the Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) and integrates it into XNAT. This viewer provides a powerful set of image annotation tools to XNAT users, including the ability to perform measurements, draw ROI contours and segmentations, and save those contours and segmentations as "ROI Collection" objects in XNAT.

See: Using the XNAT OHIF Viewer

What's New in the XNAT OHIF Viewer?

Version 3.0 of the viewer is based on OHIF Viewer 2.0 and uses the React JavaScript library, and requires XNAT 1.8 or higher. Also, support for the ROI Collection data type has been moved into core XNAT, so the ROI Collection plugin should not be installed alongside the XNAT-OHIF Viewer in XNAT 1.8.

In addition to other changes, version 3.0 comes with a suite of annotation tools, and allows users to import/export ROI Contours and Segmentations to ROICollection Assessors on XNAT. Up to date viewer bundles are available in the downloads area. 

See: XNAT OHIF Viewer Release Notes

XNAT Academy: Learn How to Use the XNAT OHIF Viewer

This free course will guide you through the basics of installing and learning to use the XNAT OHIF Viewer

See: XNAT Academy: Using the XNAT OHIF Viewer

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