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Enabling Automated Commands via the Event Service

The Container Service plugin, starting with version 3.0, exposes enabled container commands as Event Service Actions.  The XNAT Event Service, introduced in XNAT 1.8, allows site administrators and project owners to trigger these actions in response to defined data events within XNAT. Learn more about its core functionality here: Using the XNAT Event Service

This documentation assumes that the Event Service has been enabled on your XNAT by a site administrator. Learn more here: Enabling the XNAT Event Service

Preparing for Command Automation

Container Service supports automation by exposing enabled commands to the Event Service as Actions.  Commands used in site-wide automation need to be enabled at the site level, while commands used in project and multi-project specific automation need to enabled both at the site level and on each project of interest.

Site Level Command Automation

Site administrators can enable Container Service commands by following: Enabling Commands at the Site Level

Commands enabled at the site level are available to an admin user when creating subscriptions using the Administer → Event Service → Event Setup → Add New Event Subscription dialog. Note the Apply to All Projects checkbox under the Select Project window.

Project Level Command Automation

Project owners and site administrators can enable Container Service commands on a particular project by following: Enable a Command in Your Project

A sub-set of the commands available at the site level can be made available on a per-project basis by enabling those commands on a project. Enabled commands are displayed as actions in the Select Action box as the intersection of all commands enabled for all selected projects.

Site-wide subscriptions (with Apply to All Projects selected) and Project-level subscriptions (with all projects selected) are not always equivalent.

  • Project-level subscriptions require that the selected action/command be enabled on each selected project, while the action/command selected for a site-wide subscription need only be enabled at the site level.

  • Site-wide subscriptions apply to all current and future projects, while project-level subscriptions apply only to those projects selected.

Event Service Quick Start

This tutorial demonstrates how to set up a simple container processing action in response to a scan-archive event. It requires site administrator-level permissions and an enabled xnat/dcm2niiix container image.

See: Event Service Quick Start

This video tutorial is taken from the Container Service 101 course on XNAT Academy.

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