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XNAT 1.8.10 and Multiple Plugins Released

XNAT 1.8.10 is focused primarily on offering improved reliability of upload workflows, by consolidating import methods and harmonizing the way that series import filtering works in conjunction with anonymization, rather than treating it as a separate process. There are additional improvements to Prearchive efficiency, availability of shared project data in containers and Jupyter Notebooks launched at the project level, and developer-facing improvements to the health of the code base itself.

Updates include:

  • Introduction of Instance File Filtering via DicomEdit 6.6, which allows us to deprecate the Series Import Filter feature

  • Deprecation of the legacy “SI” importer used in the Compressed Uploader in favor of the DICOM-zip importer (but with an option to continue using the SI importer when needed)

  • Changed the default behavior for re-running project anonymization on data in place, and made this a configurable site setting

  • Improved efficiency and error handling in the Prearchive, particularly when handling very large dataset imports

  • Mounting of shared resource files into Containers and Notebooks

  • And much more…

The release of XNAT 1.8.10 is paired with the release of several updated plugins, which are detailed below. The full list of updates is available in the XNAT 1.8.10 Release Notes.

Upgrading is (Fairly) Easy!

The upgrade path from XNAT 1.8.x to XNAT 1.8.10 is as easy as configuring your war file for the version of Tomcat you're running and dropping the new war file in place. Upgrading from earlier versions is only mildly more arduous. See the XNAT Upgrade Instructions.

Download XNAT 1.8.10

XNAT Release Notes | XNAT Documentation

Plugin and Library Updates

The release of XNAT 1.8.10 is paired with new release versions of several plugins and libraries. Please see each for updated features and compatibility requirements.

  • DicomEdit 6.6

  • Container Service 3.4.3

  • Dicom Query/Retrieve 1.3

  • JupyterHub Integration 1.1

  • XNAT Project Sync 1.7

DicomEdit 6.6

DicomEdit 6.6 is automatically included in XNAT 1.8.10, and can execute older DicomEdit 6.x scripts without any required updates.

DicomEdit 6.6 introduces several new functions into XNAT’s DICOM anonymization capabilities, including the ability to reject series instance files based on specified criteria. Additional updates include:

  • Adding support for defined lists and multi-line statements in scripts

  • Add functions that can execute on lists, such as date shifting, UID hashing, and tag removal

  • Add age anonymization for subjects >89 years old

  • Add functions that can blank values or remove tags for supplied lists of tags

  • And more…

The full list of changes is available in the DicomEdit 6.6 Release Notes. And all documentation for DicomEdit 6 has been consolidated into a single resource: DicomEdit 6 Language Reference.

DICOM Query Retrieve Plugin 1.3

Version 1.3 of the DQR plugin includes minor updates that presage major advances to come in DQR 2.0, which offers full support for DICOMweb connections for querying and retrieving data from PACS. Other improvements include:

  • Increased archiving efficiency and improved data cleanup on failed imports

  • Add ability to locate imports by Study Instance UID

For full documentation and version compatibility updates, see DICOM Query Retrieve Plugin Documentation.

Container Service Plugin 3.4.3

Version 3.4.3 of the Container Service plugin has only two updates:

  • Added support for mounting and using shared resource data in containers

  • Improved handling of overlapping XNAT events

For full documentation and version compatibility updates, see Container Service Plugin Documentation.

JupyterHub Integration Plugin 1.1

Version 1.1 of the JupyterHub Integration plugin offers several new upgrades in functionality, including:

  • Added support for mounting and using shared resource data in notebooks

  • Added support for building and deploying Python-based dashboards from the XNAT UI

  • Harmonized compute services code with Core XNAT

For full documentation and version compatibility updates, see JupyterHub Integration Plugin Documentation.

XNAT Project Sync (XSync) Plugin 1.7

Version 1.7 of the XSync Plugin has been updated to work with XNAT 1.8.10, adding the following:

  • Added support for applying instance rejection and other DicomEdit 6.6 capabilities when applying outbound anonymization

For full documentation and version compatibility updates, see XSync Plugin Documentation.

Download XNAT Plugins

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