XNAT Project Sync (Xsync)

XSync plugin

XSync plugin enables automatic synchronization of data from a project in one XNAT system to a project in a second system. XSync is configurable to ensure that only the desired data is delivered, and if required, data is properly de-identified, and that it is delivered on a pre-set schedule.

Version Compatibility Matrix

XSync was originally introduced with XNAT 1.7.2. There are known version dependency issues between the XSync plugin and the version of XNAT that it is running on.

Since XSync connects two XNATs to each other, both XNATs must be running compatible versions of the plugin
XNAT Version /
XSync Plugin Version
XNAT 1.7.2(tick)(tick)(tick)

XNAT 1.7.3.x


XNAT 1.7.4.x


XNAT 1.7.5.x

XNAT 1.7.6.x


XNAT 1.8


Download / Documentation

All XSync Documentation is located in the code repository: https://bitbucket.org/xnatdev/xsync

Download an installable XSync plugin jar: https://bitbucket.org/xnatdev/xsync/downloads