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XNAT 2010 Workshop - Custom Features and Open Source Development


We will discuss the ways in which users and developers can contribute to the open source XNAT project from submitting bug reports and expanding the documentation to developing tools that leverage XNAT's REST API and hacking on the XNAT codebase. Specifically, we will cover:

  • How to use XNAT's new "Report Issue" feature and the XNAT discussion group. Additionally how to write a great bug report to help us get your issue resolved promptly.
  • A high-level overview of the XNAT ecosystem, covering the interaction of XNAT, XDAT, XFT, REST API, DicomServer, Pipelines, xnatfs, XND, PyXNAT, and friends, that will help trace down the code & issues you are interested in.
  • The XNAT developer's toolset, including Eclipse, Mercurial, Tomcat, JPDA, Maven, YourKit, and others.
  • Writing tests and the Hudson testing infrastructure
  • How to use Mercurial to create and submit patches

The talk will be especially useful for developers, but should provide useful information on how to get issues resolved for all flavors of XNAT admins and users.


  • Open Source Contributions
    • Bug Reports
    • Documentation
    • External Tools
    • XNAT codebase
  • XNAT Architecture
  • Developer's Toolset
    • Eclipse
    • Mercurial
    • JPDA / Yourkit
  • Testing & Hudson
  • Submitting patches

Relevant Documentation:


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