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XNAT 2010 Workshop - Installation and Deployment


Once you've made the decision to give XNAT a go, you'll need to go through the aerobic exercise of setting it up. During this session, we'll give you in-depth guidance on the process of installing, deploying and updating an XNAT installation. The list of supported prerequisite versions will be defined and documented. This presentation will walk through the actual content of your XNAT application. We'll identify what the different documents/structures mean and where they come from.


Date: 06/28/10
Time: 9:15 AM
Presenter(s): Tim Olsen
Location: Connor Auditorium


  • Installation
    • Detailed explanation of what the setup process does.
      • Examine release file structure
    • XNAT owned content
    • Site owned content
      • Examine the generated content
    • Java files
    • Templates (Report, Edit, Search)
    • Display documents
    • Database tables
  • Updates
    • What do updates from the XNAT team do?

Relevant Documentation:

  2. Download
  5. Updating your XNAT
  6. XNAT File System Explained

Additional Material:

Presentation: INSTALL.pdf
Summary: XNAT Install.pdf

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