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XNAT 2010 Workshop - REST API


If you want to download large amounts of data, easily upload data, or integrate XNAT with your favorite processing tool, then XNAT's RESTful API is the tool for you. Gone are the days of needing complicated xml documents or jars to query XNAT via SOAP. With the new XNAT RESTful API, you can do most anything you need to do via Curl. During this presentation, we'll describe the overall XNAT REST hierarchy, walk-through common scenarios for its usage, and point out many tricks of the trade.

This presentation will give you an excellent foundation for interacting with XNAT from the command prompt or other client applications.


Date: 06/30/10
Time: 9:15 AM
Presenter(s): Tim Olsen, John Paulett, Kevin Archie, Misha Milchenko
Location: Connor Auditorium


  • What is REST?
  • The XNAT REST Hierarchy
    • Outline the basic XNAT Data architecture
    • Navigate that architecture using the REST API
  • How can I search via REST?
    • Extensible Listing engine
    • Traditional Search engine
  • How can I get my data out?
    • Wildcards
    • Downloading files
  • How can I put my data back in?
    • Creating XNAT data constructs
    • Uploading files to XNAT data constructs
  • How can I easily query XNAT from my client application?
    • Example APIs

Relevant Documentation:

REST Based Services

  2. REST Usage Guide
  3. REST Quick Tutorial
  4. XNAT REST XML Path Shortcuts
  5. REST Enhanced Listing Options
  6. HOW TO:
    1. Connect to the REST API
    2. Manage HTTP Sessioning (prevent 50,000 logins/sessions)
    3. Download Files (RAW, Reconstructions, or Assessments)
    4. Create subjects
    5. Uploading Files Tips
    6. Upload Scan data
    7. Upload Image Reconstructions
    8. Upload Image Assessments
    9. REST Interface to search engine

Additional Material:

Presentation: REST.pdf 
Summary: XNAT REST.pdf 

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