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Attendee Questions

Our clearing-house page for your burning questions. We've split these up into two rough categories, though there are obviously questions that might not fit neatly in either. Feel free to add them, though, and hopefully we will get to them all in one of our two Q&A Sessions. 

Admin Questions

Topics related to XNAT setup, usability, and maintenance will be addressed by the XNAT Panel of Experts on Tuesday's Admin Q&A Session. 

  • ZFS System

    I am interested in getting in touch with Chip Schweiss regarding the ZFS system that is being used here: Could someone please pass on his email address?

  • When will XNAT display error messages?

    When will XNAT show meaningful, user-friendly error messages in popup windows and/or user-accessible log in the web application? Each error message will enable the XNAT user to do something to correct the problem other than contact the XNAT administrator.

  • Why does my XNAT hate me?

    Just kidding, my XNAT doesn't really hate me. Just wanted to throw a sample question in here.

Developer Questions

Topics related to XNAT codebase, programming logic, or performance will be addressed by the XNAT Panel of Experts on Thursday's Developer Q&A Session. 

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