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Part 1 Installing XNAT

This practical exercise will focus on installing XNAT on a mostly vanilla Ubuntu 14.04 instance–"mostly" because we will use a Vagrant base box that comes with a number of prerequisites already installed, but none of the configurations have been modified from their defaults.

Please review the Hardware & Software Requirements for Attendees page to make sure you have all of the needed software installed on your laptop. Check the version of these applications directly. We have seen more than one occassion where versions were old enough that they could no longer detect updates and would indicate that the latest version was installed! Hopefully you also already download the xnatstack Vagrant base box before leaving for XNAT Workshop 2016. If not, now's the time to follow the download instructions on the Hardware & Software Requirements for Attendees. If you are having trouble downloading it, it is also on the USB stick you were given when you arrived at the workshop.

Windows Users

Vagrant needs an SSH client to be in your search path. Using MobaXterm makes this setup straightforward. Once you've installed MobaXterm, open a MobaXterm terminal (typically one is open by default when first installed) and type the following command.


Restart your terminal to make the search path active.


This practical session breaks installing XNAT into the following steps:


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