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Working with Scan Listings

Scan listings are only usable in XNATs where image scan datatypes have been activated. If you do not see these screens, contact your XNAT administrator and ask them to set up the appropriate datatype for your scan modality. See: Managing Data Types in XNAT

Once you have uploaded scan data to your project in XNAT, the typical user path will find you navigating to the image session page and viewing scans there. However, if you choose, you can create a table to compare scans from multiple sessions across your project, or across multiple projects in XNAT. You can also view a dedicated report page for each scan.

Showing Scan Listings in Projects

On every project page, a data table shows a listing of subjects (by default) and experiments in your project. You can add a view of scans to this table by clicking on the "Add Tab" menu in the upper right.

This brings up a data table comparing all scans of that modality in your project. All of the functions associated with data listings apply to this table. See: How to Edit, Filter, and Join Data Tables

Showing Scan Listings for Multiple Projects

You have two options for displaying a broader listing of scans from multiple projects in your XNAT.

1. Go to Browse > Data in the top navigation.

Remember that you can use the built-in menu filter if you have many data types to sort through in your XNAT.

2. Use the Advanced Search functionality to build a custom search table

This functionality lets you tailor your search by a number of criteria, and lets you join this datatype to other datatypes for further filtering. See Using the Advanced Search and Saving a Data Table as a Stored Search.

Running Processing in Bulk from a Scan Listing

Requires the Container Service Plugin and Bulk Launch Plugin. Both are available at

Every data listing has a set of listing actions in a menu in the upper right corner of the panel, in a menu titled "Options". Browse that set of actions to find "Processing Dashboard"

This will load the container bulk-launch processing dashboard with all scans visible in the current data table loaded into the dashboard. This allows you to combine detailed filtering in the data table (for example: selecting all scans where Series Description is LIKE "Axial" and Scanner = "Philips" and quality = "Usable") with the bulk launching capabilities of the processing dashboard.


See: Bulk Launching Containers

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