Launching Finetune Training

Launching FineTune training requires that you have the following:

Once you have all your data in order and your model configured and ready, you can launch a training run using XNAT and your connected processing resources. Follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Machine Learning Dashboard. (i.e. From the project page, open the "Machine Learning" tab and click "Open Machine Learning Dashboard". Ensure that the "Installed Models" tab is active, and you will see a panel that lists all models in your project, and all training runs associated with each model.

  • Find your model in the list of Installed Models, and click "Launch Training". A training dialog will open up. 

  • Select the appropriate command for your training. (i.e. "clara-v3-finetune-training")
  • Select the training config and dataset you want to use. The dialog will reveal inputs for each parameter that can be set at runtime.

  • Adjust your parameters as necessary and click "Launch Training". After configuring the launch, a success dialog will display.